How To Choose An Electrician

Steps for choosing a quality electrician:

If you are about to undertake a renovation, you’ll need a quality electrician. These guys are integral to the renovation process, as you’ll need wiring disconnected and reconnected. You’ll encounter problems, require switchboard upgrades, and no doubt you will want some amazing new lighting installed. So here are the 6 things to look for when selecting an electrician that is right for you, and right for your job.

Licensed: The absolute first thing you should check is if your electrician is licensed in Mt Barker. Ask them to present their license, this is not rude, they should happily show it off as a badge of honour and feel proud that people are keeping unlicensed rogues out of the industry. If the electrician is not licensed, or his license has expired, then you should not engage them under any circumstances.

Experience: Whilst some apprentices can be amazing, generally there is no tradesman electriciansubstitute for experience. Research how long the electrician he’s been in business, how big his team is, and if he is the one doing the work, or some of his staff. An experienced electrician is more likely to have encountered all scenarios and be better equipped to deal with your unique situation.

Local: Nothing beats supporting a local. Google a local electrician in your area. They’ll be more likely to want to preserve their reputation in the area they work, show up on time, and might even swing you a discount just to win a tender on a job closer to home.

Recommendations: Trust recommendations. If you have friends who have used a good electrical contractor, talk to them, get their number and contact them. Nothing beats a word of mouth recommendation and it’s how the smaller tradies stay in business.

Reviews: This involves an element of research and there are grey areas. Get online and search various local electricians. Type in your suburb and see what comes up. See what reviews they are getting and if they look genuine. It may not help you choose a tradesperson, but it can certainly rule out a bad one.

Gut Feel: Do you like the guy? Sometimes an electrician can look great on paper, have all the above credentials, but there’s something you can’t put your finger on. Trust your gut feel and go with your instincts. You are going to need to work together with your electrician on some pretty major decisions. He is going to have to work with your design ideas for lighting, and you are going to have to listen to his feedback on how he can save money. If there is no ability to get along with the tradesman, then you will butt heads and the project will suffer.

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