Vegan Protein Powders Can Help Vegans Who Are Looking To Supplement Their Protein Sources

When a person goes vegan, they decide to give up several types of protein sources that come from animals such as dairy, eggs, fish and chicken. For many of these vegans, this also means that they are giving up the primary protein sources they have been using for years. So, how does a vegan meet their protein needs? That is question that many vegans are asked, and the answer may lie in vegan protein powders.

Compared to the SAD (standard American diet) that usually includes lots of dairy and meat, it may initially look as though a vegan diet is severely lacking in this nutrient. However, when a person decides to become vegan, they must be dedicated to learning everything they can about nutrition. What is most surprising to most is that they can get a sufficient amounts of protein strictly from plant sources.

plant based protein

Plant Based Sources

What is even better is that many of these plant sources are found in the vegan protein powders that are currently on the market. These types of powders have become increasingly popular among health-conscious individuals and athletes alike.

For many decades, whey protein was considered the go-to source for the ultimate type of protein powder. But, times have changed, and more people are learning more about the many benefits of vegan protein powders.

Also, vegan protein powders are not only designed for vegans. They can also be used by those who are looking to optimize their health, as well those who have an intolerance to lactose and whey.

With that being said, it is important to know that there are many types of vegan and non-vegan protein powders on the market. Unfortunately, many of the products have unnecessary ingredients and/or do not offer quality ingredients that are necessary to produce the results or benefits consumers are looking for.

The last thing you want to do is choose a vegan protein powder that contains low-quality ingredients. These types of ingredients will not help you attain your health and wellness goals.

Instead, you want to choose a vegan protein powder that will not only meet your protein needs, but will also provide you with the cleanest ingredients.

So, what should you look for when choosing a vegan protein powder?

Complete Protein

When you see a protein powder that includes wheat protein, pea protein or rice protein, you may think that these are the best options for your protein needs. However, many of these types of proteins are simple-source. This means that they do not contain the nine essential amino acids that your body needs. These essential amino acids are necessary so your body will have a complete intake of protein.

There are other sources such as chia seeds. Although they are considered complete sources, they do not contain a lot of protein.

To ensure you are getting all of the essential amino acids through a vegan protein powder, choose a complete protein powder that contains a blend of plant protein sources.

Nutrient Density

Keep in mind that no two protein powders on the market are created equally. Do not just glance over the ingredient label. Choose a vegan protein powder that contains a lot of micronutrients.

For example, pea protein contains large amounts of zinc, iron, vitamin E and calcium, while pumpkin protein is high in potassium and magnesium. So, do not focus only on the amount of protein, also look at the amount of or lack of other nutrients that are vital to your overall health.

It is no surprise that more people are transitioning to vegetarian, plant-based and vegan diets. These diets not only show compassion and empathy towards animals, but they are also sustainable while providing long term benefits.

You will need to carefully plan the foods you eat to ensure you are getting all of the nutrients you need, and the right type of vegan protein powder can ensure your body’s essential protein needs are met. For more information please visit Curavita.

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