How to choose a plumber in South Australia

If you are looking to select a local South Australian plumber, then the best starting point is word of mouth. Talk to friends and family and see if any of them have had good experiences with local licensed plumbers. Like any industry, there are honest and dishonest operators, and plumbing is no different. Brand recognition, or the amount of advertising they do is no measure of their honesty and workmanship. Yet a family member will always let you know about a bad plumbing experience, and which operators to avoid.

The other way is through finding a licensed plumber or a master plumbers association member. Master plumbers have to be licensed an insured, which is a bit of a safeguard against poor workmanship, and a complete safeguard against anything that could potentially go bad. A Master Plumber not only has to keep their relevant plumbing licenses up to date, but they must comply with a strict code of ethics. I’ve met with the president of the Master Plumbers Association and they strictly will not let anyone in. There are certain unscrupulous businesses with poor ethics or workmanship who they firmly deny entry to. ┬áTherefore the Master Plumbers do screen potential businesses as a precaution. Nothing is ever fool proof, but it does help having industry associations that work in this way.

Listing sties and local directories are also a good resource, but again, beware of the businesses with the biggest ads. They are paying a premium for these spaces, and may not necessarily give the best priced service. Often they need to recoup these costs, or have large teams with large staff turnovers. This is not to say that big companies are bad, not by a long shot, but it just means that you need to take all precautions you can to avoid overpaying.


If you can find online reviews, then this is a great starting point. But again, take all reviews with a grain of salt, as sometimes businesses can be very proactive in writing their own positive ratings under different user names. If enough reviews seem genuine from real people with real social media accounts, then you can have a bit more confidence in a positive trend.

If you are in the south of Adelaide, near Seaford, I can highly recommend two plumbers who I have worked with. They are Master Plumbers Association members, which is great, as there are certain checks and measures one must perform in order to be a member. They are licenced as plumbers and also as gasfitters. The second is important, as you need to be licensed for the tasks you are performing. Not many people know this, but this is a South Australian law. If you have used an unlicensed trade, then your insurance might not be covered if things go wrong at a future date.

Coastal Plumbing and Gas are plumbers who service Seaford, and the surrounding suburbs of Seaford Rise and Seaford Meadows. They have been in the industry for around ten years each, and their skill sets complement each other. They have acquired digging machinery to make stormwater installation a lot cheaper and faster. They are also licensed gasfitters, which means they can repair or replace any gas hot water systems.


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